Music Production Company

Music production companies and studios can really benefit from our services. We specialise in providing a one-stop shop for all outsourced vocal needs. Imagine having just one Portal you could go to for the singers that you need knowing that you were guaranteed quality vocals every time?

Well, Tailormade Voices prides itself on having some of the freshest new talent around who are also very professional in their approach to what they do. We will do our best for you every time, we will also make sure that you are fully satisfied with our service. Save time sourcing singers locally to where you are, why not have us supply you some amazing singers for your production, do it online! We believe that this way of doing sessions is the future and we are one of the first to really understand and provide music producers and songwriters quick, professional vocals at reasonable prices.

Your music production company or music production studio can have the added benefit of accessing amazing vocals anywhere in the world for their projects.

Online music production:

Online music production with online music studios are increasingly common. The reason being that technology has condensed everything and now albums can even be produced on a laptop. It is nice to have the luxury of working from a fully equipped 48 track SSL mixing desk studio also and we cater for all kinds of setups.

Many writers and producers now do online collaborations, some may get to a point where they have prepared all of the music and arranged it but still need that magical vocal to take it to the next level. We are good at analysing and anticipating exactly what the client wants. We also follow to brief and welcome clients to Skype in on the session if possible.